Lovely Baby Shower Guest Book Ideas Available at Our Online Store 

Looking for perfect baby shower presents? An idea that your friend will really love and appreciate? 

Baby Presents stocks unique and innovative gifts that are specially selected to impress. 

When holding a fun and special event like a baby shower, having something to remember the occasion by can be the best gift of all. 

Take a look at our range of baby shower guest books 

Baby Presents is proud to supply an adorable range of baby shower books that are perfect for keeping details from the special day. 

Our range includes: 

  • Teddy Bear Book – This minimalist, stylish, and elegant guest book comes with an embossed silver teddy on its cover. This is great for keeping details of your baby shower and its super-cute design will make it perfect for showing your baby when they’re a bit more grown up.
  • Rhicreative Book – This Australian-made guest book is a wonderful little record of predictions, advice, and well-wishes great for new parents to read. Printed on 100% recycled cardboard, this environmentally-friendly book allows for your baby shower guests to write an individual message and predictions of your baby’s birth weight and arrival date. 

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