Let Your Little One Be Taken to the Land of Nod with a Kippins Comforter 

Kippins are the perfect little friends for taking your baby off to a wonderful dreamland of comfort and sweet dreams. 

They are a group of wild friends that are great for cuddling, playing, and for cheeky little teethers. 

Kippins organic cotton baby comfort toys come in a super-cute range of designs, including Splits the Banana Monkey, Kitty the Pink Cat, and Billie the Bear. 

Each one of these little critters has their own special talent: Splits tells great jokes, Kitty is caring and loves to share milk with her friends, and Billie is a great drummer. 

Giving your special little one the perfect night’s sleep 

Kippins are designed for the comfort and care of your cheeky little bubba. Their organic cotton is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and will not irritate them. 

These incredibly special baby comforters are completely ethically produced: from the growth of the cotton to their creation, right down to the moment they are delivered to your happy baby, Kippins take extra special care in ensuring that these comforters are organic and produced ethically. 

Baby Presents is proud to supply little Australian dreamers with Kippins comforters for sale. 

Give your baby the perfect bedtime friend with these super-cute and cuddly creatures.

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