Bath Kneeling Cushion - Kneepal



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Kneeling Cushion - The Ultimate Knee Saver

This kneeling cushion is so soft and supportive it is like kneeling on marshmallows. Let your knees relax and be comforted when bathing children or pets, gardening or any household DIY chores. 

Bathtime can be fun time again for the adult supervising with no more kneeling on cold wet floor tiles or rolled up towels whilst bathing kids.   

Gardening is made easy with this light weight waterproof portable knee pad. Made of of high quality rubber foam it is extremely soft and cushioned. Keep your clothes clean and your knees happy. 

Easy to clean, store and incredibly durable. A thoughtful addition to a baby shower essentials gift pack and great gift for any new parent or grandparent.  

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